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Southview Cottages on Rice Lake is located right in the Kawartha Lakes district of Ontario, an area well known for its unique and beautiful landscape. Situated just south of Peterborough, we have many wonderful local attractions, provincial parks and shopping.

One of the largest local attractions are the Liftlocks of the Trent Severn that run through the Kawartha region. The Trent Severn Liftlocks are a large historical attraction that runs through Ontario following the water way. While visiting the Kawartha Lakes area, these have to be on your "Can't Miss" list.

The Kawartha region is also chock full of festivals year round. From the Havelock Jamboree in the summer, to the Polar Fest in the winter, there are always terrific festivals to visit. These festivals often bring people from all across Canada, and even from the United States and further.

In addition to terrific festivals and scenic attractions, the Kawartha Lakes area is also home to many terrific venues for families to visit. These include such local attractions as the Peterborough Zoo, the Indian River Reptile Zoo, Warsaw Caves, Galaxy Cinemas and more. These are great venues for bringing your family to see just what the area has to offer. We have a longer list of venues & festivals listed below.

If you are looking to get out and grab some souvenirs from your vacation in Ontario you can check out the town of Peterborough that is just north of us here at Southview Cottage’s. Peterborough is home to many small, local eclectic shops that feature locally made arts, crafts, furniture and more. In addition to these unique niche shops, there are also a few larger malls that house many franchise shops.

In addition to Peterborough, Southview Cottages is also close to Port Hope and Cobourg, both of which are well known for their summertime festivals and local attractions. In Port Hope and Cobourg you can find wild salmon fishing, waterfront parks, antique shops, concerts & theatres and more.

The Housekeeping Experience

The main idea behind offering housekeeping cottage vacations is that although many people desire a family cottage, affording one is often out of the question for most families. Our luxurious housekeeping cottages give you the opportunity to have a family cottage vacation in Ontario, without having to actually buy your own cottage.

At Southview Cottages we provide our guests with a true housekeeping cottage experience. Our cottages come fully furnished with all amenities, giving you complete freedom in your vacation to not be reliant on facility hours or higher restaurant prices.

The housekeeping cottage experience is perfect for week long family vacations. Having full amenities within your own cottage gives you a sense of relief from having to deal with resort facility schedules and also gives you privacy from other vacationers. Often at resorts you must dine in crowded rooms with other families, which takes away from being able to spend the time with your own family. To fully enjoy your family time, come stay with us and getaway from city distractions.

In addition to being perfect for family vacations, housekeeping cottage vacations are also terrific for fishing trips. Many fishermen enjoy waking up early to get out and take full advantage of the day. But what if your resort only offered breakfast starting at 7am? With your own housekeeping cottage, you can make your breakfast whenever you would like, ensuring that you will never have to plan your schedule around that of your accommodations.

Local Attractions and Events

There are 3 unique enchanting communities within a 30 minute drive from Southview Cottages. Please find below a list of attractions and events from these communities.

All this information and more can be found inside our Information Gazebo!


Local Media

You can even listen to some of the radio stations live on the Internet!

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